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Hardscape / Landscape Grading

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Grading and rock retaining wall service at a Montgomery County residence

Hardscape / Landscape Grading Services

1. Grading

  • Grading is a fundamental hardscaping service that involves leveling and contouring the terrain to create a smooth and even surface. It is essential for proper water drainage, erosion control, and the preparation of land for various landscape projects. Grading ensures that your outdoor space is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
landscape grading a residential property.
Landscape grading, ready for seeding.

2. New Lawn Installation

  • New lawn installation is a landscaping service that transforms your outdoor space into a lush and vibrant green area. It typically involves grading to ensure proper slope and water drainage. After grading, the service may include soil preparation, seeding or sodding, and irrigation system installation to establish a beautiful, healthy lawn.

3. Stone Driveways

  • Stone driveways are a durable and attractive choice for driveways. Stone driveway installation includes grading to create a level and well-compacted base. Once the grading is complete, a layer of crushed stone or gravel is applied to form the driveway surface. Stone driveways can be designed to complement the overall landscape design of your property.


4. Driveway Extensions

  • Driveway extensions are hardscaping services that expand your existing driveway to accommodate additional parking space or to enhance the overall accessibility of your property. Grading is a crucial part of this service, as it ensures a seamless and level connection between the existing driveway and the extension. Proper grading is essential for both functionality and aesthetics.

Hardscape and landscape grading is essential for achieving a well-maintained and visually appealing outdoor space while ensuring proper drainage and accessibility. Whether you’re looking to create a new lawn, enhance your driveway, or need general grading for landscape projects, these services are designed to meet your landscaping needs.

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